Technical University, Eindhoven

Jaar: 2001
Locatie: Eindhoven
Architect: Koen van Velsen
Designer: Koen van Velsen
Opdrachtgever: Heijmans Bouw
Projecttype: architecture
Product: masonry brick with nickel and aluminium glaze.
At the Technical University in Eindhoven, the seven-storey Knowledge Centre’s construction is in the form of a cylinder from which several segments have been removed. The architect Koen van Velsen approached Koninklijke Tichelaar to develop a glaze for the façade that looked like anodised aluminium. After at least a year’s experimentation, an entirely new glaze was developed that cannot be compared with any previously existing glaze. In the course of this process, a second glaze was also developed that looks similar to the metal nickel. By interspersing smooth bricks with the glaze among bricks with a rough surface, an effect is created that varies in appearance depending on the weather and time of day.
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