Office Building in ‘t Gooi, Laren

Jaar: 2005-2006
Locatie: Laren, Noord-Holland
Architect: Koen van Velsen
Designer: Koen van Velsen
Opdrachtgever: Hoge Dennen Holding
Projecttype: architecture
Product: façade sheeting, stone strips and sand-coloured clotted glaze
This office building is distinct from its surroundings because of its detailing and the skin in glazed yellow tiles that run from the façades onto the roof. The cladding of the archetypal form encloses the body fully and consistently. The architect chose a clotted glaze with a lively random pattern with the aim of making it not immediately recognisable. The result is that from various angles and depending on one’s distance from the building it changes its appearance.
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