Residential Tower 'De Verkenner', Utrecht

Jaar: 2015-2016
Locatie: Utrecht
Architect: Mei architects and planners
Opdrachtgever: Mitros
Aannemer: Era Contour
Projecttype: architecture
Product: 13,000 ceramic tiles, equipped with lines of tight seams

A new residential tower has been built on Kanaleneiland on the Churchilllaan in Utrecht. This tower has a special position within the new developments of this typical post-war city district. The new building is 50 meters high and will act as a gatekeeper for Kanaleneiland.  The facades on the 5 May square have a closed character in connection with the noise load. However, they are provided with a lot of relief, which creates a certain tactility. This is reinforced by 13,000 ceramic tiles that have been specially made by Koninklijke Tichelaar. According to a design by visual artist Milou van Ham, in collaboration with Moniek Driesse, and poet Tsead Bruinja, these tiles are equipped with lines of poetry that give the building extra identity. Typical of Kanaleneiland is that there is little eye for the finishing of the bottom of balconies and galleries, which are clearly visible to passers-by. That is why Mei continued the wall cladding on this. This creates a very inviting building that will stimulate the community spirit in the neighborhood. De Verkenner wins Archmarathon Award!
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